If your commercial property is an older establishment, then chances are it was designed when the demand for electricity was lower. Older buildings were typically built with 60 or 120 amps and a few circuits for an entire commercial building, which is not enough to power the number of electronics and machinery we use today. Nowadays, even small workshops require at least 200 amps. However, the age and size of your building are not necessarily the defining factors here either. No matter how well your electrical system was designed, there comes a time when upgrading your commercial electrical panel or the circuit breakers, lighting and other electrical components become a necessity.  Here are 3 signs that your building’s electrical system needs an upgrade: 


Your Commerical Electrical Panel is Hot 

Should you notice that the panel is hot, or that a light switch or electrical outlet is unexpectedly warm when touching it, then you might be facing a serious problem. If your panel cannot handle the power requirements of your operations, the excess heat will likely build up and your wiring’s insulation will melt – which can create sparks and lead to a fire. Upgrading your electrical panel to one that is adequately designed will eliminate these occurrences. 


Workers are Continually Tripping Circuit Breakers 

Perhaps one of the most obvious and common signs that your electrical system can’t keep up with your current need is the fact that your circuit breakers trip. Your circuits are only able to handle up to a certain level of voltage – beyond that – and you run the risk of starting an electrical fire. This is why the circuit breaker trips, shutting off the flow of electricity. The solution may be to replace the circuit breaker; however, this may create difficulties if the wiring supplying the area is not fit to handle that particular load.  Give us a call – our experienced team can help! 


Unprotected Wiring 

When it comes to electrical wiring, commercial properties need to have secure and protected wiring to avoid running into issues with the power supply. There are several different types of commercial wiring as office equipment and electronics will require different wiring and cable organization than heavy-duty machinery or warehouses. One of the most important considerations though is safety, as any irregularities in the electrical wiring can put employees at risk and stop business operations.  Our qualified team of electricians is well versed in building regulations and will be able to advise where – and how – your wiring should be placed in order to protect it from tampering or being exposed to the elements. 


No matter how well your commercial property’s electrical system was designed, there still comes a time when an electrical upgrade is necessary.  The age and size of your building are not necessarily the defining factors, either.  If you find your system does not meet your current needs, contact RBT. We are the first choice for full-service electrical contracting, commercial and industrial automation, and control services.  Our team of skilled professionals, including master electricians, licensed journeymen electricians, programmers, and support staff all have the expertise to handle your electrical and automation requirements, from small repairs to complete design/install projects.  Talk to us to learn more!