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As a leading-edge provider of energy reduction solutions using energy-efficient lights. RBT Electrical and Automation can help you get a handle on your current energy usage by using automated lighting control systems, having a significant impact on your bottom line. Creating an energy-saving facility or building is more than just a trend, it’s a sound investment in your future. Smart Lighting systems represent a significant portion of an industrial, commercial building’s, and parking lot energy consumption, as such lighting retrofits and control implementations are one of the simplest and most cost-effective means to improve efficiency. We have helped commercial and industrial facilities across a range of industries develop energy-efficient lighting strategies to reduce their costs, boost efficiency, and enhance productivity while meeting compliance guidelines. With the proper lighting control system, you can guarantee an immediate and significant return on investment. Let RBT Electrical and Automation conduct an energy audit of your facility and make appropriate recommendations for implementation. Having energy efficient institutional lighting control design not only reduces costs but helps preserve non-renewable resources.


We can replace older energy consuming lighting systems and install energy-efficient equipment to improve your consumption and increase lighting levels.


Exterior lighting and parking lot lighting are key factors in the safety and security of your facility. We can ensure that sufficient lighting is provided when and where it’s needed and retrofit existing higher energy systems with new high efficiency lights.


From installation to upgrading, RBT Electrical and Automation can ensure your motor controls are finely tuned for your needs and compliant for your industry. By using VFDs, and soft starters, we can design a more energy efficient system for you that also increases your equipment longevity.


Lighting control systems provide the ultimate in lighting energy cost control. We can design an automation system to ensure appropriate light levels at the right time and in the right places.


If you’re looking to upgrade your system, we can help you offset the cost with the current  Government of Ontario’s Save On Energy incentive programs, which may provide savings on the initial project costs of upgrading old or inefficient equipment. We can not only take care of implementation from inception to completion but we can also assist in the application process. Read more about the current Save on Energy program here.


Where are industrial lighting fixtures used?2021-07-05T01:46:10+00:00

These are commonly seen in industrial settings such as factories and manufacturing facilities. Chemical factories and refineries can also benefit from them. This sort of lighting system is very useful for detecting hazardous materials or impending unsafe circumstances. Industrial lighting may also be seen in big leisure facilities and gyms. They are suitable for usage in big conference rooms, event centers, and even hangars and other enormous, cavernous structures.

What are the advantages of using LED lights in parking lots?2021-07-05T03:28:56+00:00

While providing high amount of illumination and brightness to your parking lot, LED lights help in saving energy, reduce costs for fixtures and maintenance. They also provide high level of reliability, have longer lifespan and increase safety of drivers by providing better visibility in the parking lot. 

What is energy efficient lighting?2021-07-05T03:28:14+00:00

It is the type of lighting that provides the necessary degree of illumination while consuming less energy. Energy efficient lighting reduces the energy consumption and electricity usage without compromising on the quality and amount of light being generated. 

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