RBT-certified electricians provide all-in-one electrical and automation services. We will identify and solve your electrical issues with the help of infrared thermography inspection which quickly and effectively identifies problems before they can cause any serious damage. Conducting an infrared thermographic inspection is far superior to a simple visual inspection, it notes heat build-up of any electrical element under stress and can be a prediction of imminent failure while it is still functional and appearing normal to the naked eye or any other test equipment.

The heat signature is identified with the use of an Infrared camera, the pictures are then analyzed and put into an easy-to-follow report with recommendations for any repairs. Issues can be rectified before a breakdown occurs, preventing loss of production due to unplanned downtime, saving your company time and money, and protect your employees from potential safety issues. Our experts always make sure that everything is according to the industry standards. We conduct our infrared thermography inspections according to the diverse needs of our commercial and industrial clients.


Conducting an inspection using thermal imaging can reveal several issues such as faulty terminal wires, disconnects, motor bearings, insulation, damaged jumper wires, loose or over tightened wire connections. It can also detect undersized or broken wires, overcapacity fuses, overheating fuse clips, breaker issues, and unbalanced Loads


An infrared electrical thermography survey can result in significant financial savings for the client by increasing safety, reducing the risk of an electrical fire or an unplanned electrical outage. It also helps in identifying priorities for planned maintenance which reduces the risk of equipment failure, reduces downtime improves system performance. A thermography survey determines if the elements and system have been properly installed and are not damaged, improves insurability, and saves money.