Are you thinking about updating your lighting system but can’t decide on a retrofit or a total replacement? One simple question you can ask yourself (or one of our helpful professionals) is “Can my existing system support a retrofit?” – if the answer is no, you’ll need to replace your lighting system.  

To further help you make your decision, we’ve included some helpful information below.  


What does “retrofit” mean? 

Simply put, a retrofit is adding a new component or technology to an existing (typically older) system. For example, replacing your old lightbulbs with new LED lighting fixtures.  


What are the benefits of retrofitting your lighting system?  

Typically, lighting retrofits and control implementations are one of the simplest and most cost-effective means to improve efficiency in your facility. We have helped commercial and industrial facilities across a range of industries develop energy-efficient lighting retrofit strategies and LED lighting fixtures to reduce their costs, boost efficiency, and enhance productivity while meeting compliance guidelines. With the proper lighting control system, you can guarantee an immediate and significant return on investment with very little downtime since the existing lighting structure already exists.  


What are the benefits of replacing your lighting system?  

The main benefit of replacing an old lighting system is bringing it up to an energy-efficient standard. We can replace older energy-consuming systems and install energy-efficient equipment to improve your consumption and increase lighting levels. Having energy efficient institutional lighting control design not only reduces costs but helps preserve non-renewable resources. 

Creating an energy-saving facility or building is more than just a trend, it’s a sound investment in your future. By replacing your existing lighting system with an LED or automated lighting control system, you are making a significant impact on your bottom line. 


Let RBT Help! 

If you’re looking to upgrade your system, give us a call at 519-752-3675., Let RBT Electrical and Automation conduct an energy audit of your facility and make appropriate recommendations for implementation. We can help you offset the cost with the current Government of Ontario’s Save On Energy incentive programs, which may provide savings on the initial project costs of upgrading old or inefficient equipment. We can not only take care of implementation from inception to completion but we can also assist in the application process! Learn more about the program here.