Are you considering adding an industrial automation system to your facility? While there are many reasons WHY you may want to add this, there are relatively few reasons not to add one! Increased productivity, decreased downtimes, faster ROI, lower operating costs…the list goes on. Take a look through our top 7 benefits of adding industrial automation systems, if you have specific questions, give us a call 

What is an industrial automation system? 

industrial automation systems are systems used to control and monitor a process, device, or machine in a computerized manner, which usually fulfills repetitive functions or tasks.  

Industrial automation systems are intended to operate automatically in order to reduce and improve human work. 

These automation systems replace the repetitive and mechanical tasks mainly performed by a single person in the manufacturing process. This is achieved with the use of logical programming commands and powerful machinery. 

What are the benefits of an industrial automation system? 

1. Reduction in cost 

Industrial automation helps improve productivity, quality, and system performance, which in turn reduces your operating expenses or OPEX. However, the major advantage of an industrial automation system is the reduction in manufacturing costs. 

Instead of a floor full of workers, you can now have a few supervisors and key personnel, ensuring that your systems are running properly. Instead of a pile full of defective products or parts, you will have a streamlined system designed to have very few, if any, defective products.  

2. Increase in productivity 

These systems allow continuous mass production which can run 24/7. In simple words, automation systems in your facility will improve productivity because they never have to take a break, go home, or stop running. Another benefit of your system running is that it is free’s up your humans to do what they do best: Creatively problem solve! When your staff are not doing monotonous jobs, they have the room to be creative and productive at work.  

3. Enhances quality 

By means of adaptive control and monitoring in different stages and industrial processes, these industrial automation systems are useful in eliminating human error, thus improving the quality of the products offered. If programmed correctly and without any external interruptions, your automated system will behave exactly as intended until the program is changed or the system is turned off. Because there is very little, if any, room for human interference, the chance for error is removed.  

4. Precise results 

Data automation is based on accurate data integration and connectivity. When accurate information is used in the production process, you will get precise results. All solutions help you get detailed data that can be analyzed using data analytics tools to get accurate information to improve industrial processes. 

5. Promotes industrial safety 

Another huge benefit of automation is improved safety in the workplace. 

Industrial automation keeps workers from going too close to the assembly lines, thereby enhancing the safety of the workers.  

Thermal sensors continually check the temperatures in the production area. In some cases, the thermal sensors can identify any spike in temperature and send an alert. Immediately after, certain precautions can be taken to ensure the safety of everyone on the production floor. 

6. Increase in human efficiency 

The systems that a company implements to automate their services will not only perform the tasks that a human being would do, but these automated systems are capable of performing functions that exceed the capabilities of a real person.  

7. Predictive maintenance 

A huge benefit of industrial automation is that it helps in monitoring and predictive maintenance. Production lines and the production floor can be continuously monitored using sensors. These sensors track temperature, acoustics, time, frequency, oil pressure, and other parameters related to the production process. If the sensors detect any change in these parameters, they will immediately send an alert.

When the alert is received, the technicians can immediately identify the cause of the change. If it is noted that the changes in parameters may cause equipment problems or issues in the production process, then immediate service or repairs can be done. Automation can therefore help identify possible issues before they blow up into huge problems that can result in production downtime. 


These are some great benefits of an industrial automation system. If you are looking to upgrade your warehouse or facility with an up-to-date industrial automation system then contact your local industrial automation experts at RBT Electrical and automation today!